So you want to learn more about my SUPER POWERS?!?!?
I am originally from Miami, Florida. I studied Criminology at Florida State University.  I obtained a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Valdosta State University in Georgia. I have been teaching for three years! I am currently working towards obtaining a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership.

Where I’m From By: Ashley Curry


I am from grief,

From tears and condolences.

I am from the sound of police sirens.

(Loud, deafening,

Is sounds like cries.)

I am from the neighborhood, the community that

Longs for the peace to

Raise children to see their high

School graduation.


I’m from ponytails and sneakers.

From parks and streets.

I’m from the single parent home

And the raised by a village.

From smiles and frowns.

I’m from the hope

To be amazing.


I’m from the mom’s house and the dad’s house,

Family barbeques and chek sodas.

From the funerals

To the graduations,

The laughter and the screams.


I am from those moments—

“Be Safe” is the end.

I dream of the sun.

I dream of the proudness.

I hear the claps at my college graduation.

I’ve become a survivor.